A. Main Gate
B. North (green) Gate
C. South (pink) Gate
D. Pedestrian/Midway Gate
E. Customer Service
F. Commercial Exhibits & DNR
G. Sheep/Cattle
H. Helipad
I. Competitive Exhibits
J. North Arena
K. Eagle's Beer Garden
L. Horse Barn
M. South Arena
N. Rabbits, Poultry, Goats
O. Children's Barn
P. Dining Canopy
R. Swale
S. Kiddies Midway
T. Adult Midway
U. Lowe's Stage
X. Restrooms

GROUNDS ENTERTAINMENT - (Click on the green button above to view the complete schedule)

Bingo - Thursday thru Saturday - 5:00 to 8:00 pm - Beer Garden

Bull Riding
- Thursday - 7:00 pm

(Sponsored by:

Holmes Recycling, Starkovich Distrubuting, Mahkahta Trucking & Lotus Corp)

3rd Lair Skateboard Show - Thursday thru Saturday - Various times


ATV Big Air Tour Show
- Friday & Saturday - Various times